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I started a newsletter to share what I was learning. This was after I’d finished reading Thinking, Fast and Slow and Taleb’s Fooled by Randomness and Black Swan. These books contained such powerful mental models that I wanted to make a curriculum out of it in the form of a newsletter. But I wasn’t sure that’s all I wanted to do so it was a mixed bag of the stuff I was reading and lessons from these books. 

This is how a typical newsletter looked like. Lots of inspiration (re: copied) from the CB Insights newsletter (killer product).

You can find the archive here: Rahul’s Newsletter

I could only write 12 newsletters before I stopped this. 

Some observations from this failure (?):

  1. This project took off well – as you can see from the open rates and click rates but soon I got bored because I felt I wasn’t adding value to my readers. report.PNG
  2. Not everyone had signed up for a crash course in psychology and it seemed like I should’ve communicated my intentions better right at the start. Actually,  even I wasn’t clear on how this newsletter would shape up. Lesson learnt – be focused. 

Nonetheless this was an interesting experiment –  I had to write an original piece each week, find relevant content for the newsletter and make a story out of it. 

I might do something like this again in the future although with better planning. 



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