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Highlights from my Reading List – Week 7


  1. The Next 10 Years Will Be About “Market Networks”
    Market networks are also unique from a monetization standpoint. They combine the strong network effects defensibility and scalability of direct networks like LinkedIn or Facebook together with the lucrative revenue models of SaaS or marketplace businesses.

  2. The Principal Agent Problem
    The Principal Agent Problem occurs when one person (the agent) is allowed to make decisions on behalf of another person (the principal). In this situation, there are issues of moral hazard and conflicts of interest.

  3. I’ve been stuttering for 25 years and it’s the reason I became an entrepreneur
    While stuttering for many years has been something I’ve hated and been angry about, coming to terms with it has also made it clear for me, how big a positive impact it has had on my life.

  4. Want to Be More Creative? Take a Walk
    For millennia, writers and artists have said that they develop their best ideas during a walk, although some of us also do our best procrastinating then.

  5. Bezos Unbound: Exclusive Interview With The Amazon Founder On What He Plans To Conquer Next
    Nevertheless, Bezos talks about Amazon like it’s a giddy startup that just closed its Series A. “For all practical purposes, the market size is unconstrained,” says Bezos.
    If Jeff Bezos is already the world’s most feared businessperson, the prospect of him “unconstrained” should sober every corporate leader. Yes, he’s ruthless and a master of the long game, but Bezos’ greatest strength, borne out over the past few years, has been his ability to shape-shift Amazon into adjacent businesses—some of which were adjacent only in retrospect—on a massive scale.

  6. What other countries can learn from Singapore’s schools
    Where other countries often enact piecemeal and uncoordinated reforms, Singapore tries to look at the system as a whole. It invests heavily in education research. All reforms are tested, with the outcomes diligently monitored, before being rolled out. Close attention is paid to how new ideas and results should be applied in schools.

  7. Why Amazon Is The Best Strategic Player In Tech
    More than any other corporation of the Internet age, Amazon embodies the emerging culture of business strategy. 
    With Amazon though, you get the sense that you are watching a chess game unfold, in which Amazon is thinking multiple moves ahead, along several fronts. The opponents seem to fumble, rant and rave like so many headless chickens, while Amazon continues to systematically dismantle them.
    Structure follows strategy, as Alfred Chandler famously said, and you can see this most clearly with Amazon. The entire company is organized around a gigantic chess game. Every asset is a piece on the board.
  8. A Few Principles for Thinking Clearly
    Read widely, with maximum curiosity.
    Put reality first and theory last.
    Keep money and status out of it.
    Manage your identity.
    Skin in the game.
  9. Tweets Pay Off
    I don’t think I have even a speck of doubt in my mind as to why I use Twitter and why I give it a disproportionate amount of my time and attention. There’s so much negativity around Twitter. Get into a growth mindset, and you will discover Twitter is brilliant as is.
  10. The gift of use – why it’s the best way of honoring it
    My mom probably has gifts I’ve given her that sit unopened and unused. Bottles of nice perfume or an expensive dress. It’s not because she doesn’t like or value them – quite the opposite actually. It’s her impulse to treasure and “save” something special.
    But I believe that you honor something by using it, by keeping it close, by interacting with it constantly.
    It’s how I’ve approached everything from favorite pieces of jewelry to a favorite pen, to even the English language.




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