reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 38


  1. Domestic Cozy: 3 – Venkatesh Rao
    vgr explores stress reactions of the domestic cozy generation.

  2. A 5 Minute Meeting Room Makeover Boosted Utilization by 246% –
    The effects of meeting room design on occupancy.

  3. Identity is the low-hanging fruit – The Margins
    Identity and marketing. 

  4. Meet the woman behind Amazon’s explosive growth – Fast Company
    Some great insights into the behemoth that Amazon’s HR department is and Beth Galetti’s role in shaping the culture.

    Fun Fact: “Amazon now has a global full- and part-time workforce of 647,000, which is 50% more people than Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft combined. Among U.S. companies, only Walmart, with 2.3 million, employs more people, but Walmart’s total head count hasn’t budged significantly in years. By contrast, Amazon employs more than six times as many workers as it did when Galetti joined. It has been adding an average of 337 people a day and currently has 28,000 open positions.”

  5. Those Who Teach, Can Do – Reid Hoffman
    Reid on how to identify learners. 

  6. Why You Can’t Get Serious About Productivity Unless You Optimize How Your People Use Your Space – Mark Suster uses depth sensor for tracking people flow and optimizing office space. Mark talks about how this is accomplished and other novel use cases.



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