reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 47


  1. Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox – Lina Khan
    A comprehensive review of Amazon’s relationship with antitrust regulation and how antitrust legislation has failed to keep up with business models in a networked age. 

  2. Quasiparticles and the Miracle of Emergence – Brian Skinner
    A simple explanation of quasiparticles and how emergence works at the atomic level.

  3. A peek inside Sequoia Capital’s low-flying, wide-reaching scout program – Techcrunch
    Founders have the best connections to other founders. Sequoia used this tactic to fund startups that would’ve otherwise flown under the radar.

  4. Facebook’s cryptocurrency partners revealed—we obtained the entire list of inaugural backers – The Block Crypto
    Details on FB’s foray into crypto. 
  5. How Amazon Is Beating Antitrust Before It Happens – Chris Gillett
    A great article on how Amazon is staying ahead of the curve wrt competition and regulation.

  6. The Day You Became a Better Writer (2nd Look) – Scott Adams
    Writing tips from Scott Adams.


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