reading list

Highlights from my Reading List Week 1


  1. Netflix dissected by Matthew Ball. Part 1: Netflix’s budget and finances and why everyone misunderstands it. 
    Part 2: Netflix is a product and technology company.
    Part 3: Netflix’s long term strategy.

  2. How would Steve Jobs’ version of Sell me this pen look like?

  3. Musings on JEE and the future of IITs – an interview with the IITD director.

  4. The Abecrombie and Fitch effect or why men buy high-status/priced products when around dominant men.

  5. The art of shaving and the beauty of doing mundane tasks. Your conscious mind is focused on the task at hand, so the subconscious is free to think.

  6. How to fail well by Morgan Housel. 

  7. On the importance of Power Laws by Shane Parrish. 
    Super important mental model to have in your repertoire.

  8. Ever had good ideas in the shower? I know I did. 
    Make this a conscious process. 

  9. The Idea Maze and how to think about ideas.

  10. Marc Andreessen’s blog archives.



Zero to One – Peter Theil

Hackers and Painters – Paul Graham 


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