reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 2


  1. Economies of Unscale – how new business models combined with technology are disrupting the old economies of scale strategy.

  2. What happens when a Mars simulation goes wrong? A long read covering the incidents of a simulation that went wrong and what we can learn from it.

  3. A case for linking processed food and obesity.

  4. The lure of venture capital and how returns from VC compare to other indices.

  5. Do you feel pressure or apply pressure? How to think of leadership by Ben Horowitz.
    Do You Feel Pressure or Do You Apply Pressure?

  6. An interview with Peter Thiel on topics ranging from politics to tech and death.

  7. Why India needs women to work. A significant lever that can make the country prosperous lies languishing due to societal attitudes.

  8. Letter to My Younger Self – Edinson Cavani

  9. Real World vs Book Knowledge

  10. Photostory: Football fields across the world

  11. If you have time just to read one of these articles go for this one.
    What you can’t say by Paul Graham


  1. Muscle Up – P D Mangan
  2. Hackers and Painters – Paul Graham
  3. Six Easy Pieces – Richard Feynman

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