reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 28


  1. An IIT Teacher’s Assessment Of Kota And Other Coaching Classes – Anurag Mehra
    Anurag Mehra, professor at IIT Bombay, on the subversion of education and the rise of the coaching industry.

  2. 10,000 Hours With Claude Shannon: How A Genius Thinks, Works, and Lives – Jimmy Soni
    The authors of  “A Mind at Play”, Claude Shannon’s biography describe 12 lessons they’ve learnt from him. 

  3. The Context of Equality – Aella
    Equality is a pretty word, but for a thing that everyone agrees upon is desirable, nobody seems to agree on what it looks like. What’s the difference between contextual equality and contextless equality? At what scale should you switch from one to the other? 

  4. Lambda Updates: Integrated Career Search, Farewell to Graduation, and 9 Month Classes – Caleb Hicks
    Lambda School going hard on student outcomes, all driven by the power of incentives. 
  5. The Unbearable Lightness of Martian Gravity: Health, Evolution, and Colonization – Konrad Graf
    SpaceX has repeatedly taken on the so-called impossible and done it. But Elon Musk may have taken a step too far when he presented in September 2016 a vision of long-term Mars colonization. Going well beyond his proposed Mars transport system, he spoke of a self-sustaining Martian city of a million inhabitants. Humanity, he said, could gain the advantage of a second home at which to avoid extinction if Earth became uninhabitable.

    He discussed engineering, propulsion, efficiency, and finance, but the toughest limiter on colonization could be something far harder to engineer around. A critical factor that could well limit long-term Mars stays was missing from Musk’s narrative entirely: the relationship between Earth-evolved biology and Earth gravity.

  6. A Few Things that Surprised Me During My First 3 months at Lambda School – Clint Kunz
    The good and the bad from a Lambda School student. 

  7. An Off-Season Climb to Indrahaar Pass: Climb Hard, Prepare Harder – Manas Arora
    Manas Arora talks about finishing a difficult winter trek and a near miss to reinforce the message of always taking the mountains seriously. 
  8. To Be Persuasive, You’re Going to Need More Than Facts – Farnam Street
    A lesson I’ve learn the hard way is that facts don’t always change minds. Peopling is hard. 
  9. Book Review: Zero to One – Slate Star Codex
    A brilliant review of Zero to One. 
  10. The Lottery of Fascinations – Slate Star Codex
    Do some people have an unfair advantage because they like certain things over others? 

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