reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 31


  1. Overcoming Your Demons – Morgan Housel
    Morgan on the painful process of overcoming your greatest fears.   

  2. Lambda’s Loop: A Growth Case Study – Lloyd Alexander
    Part 2 in the Lambda School case study. This one covers the various feedback loops that enable Lambda to get better over time as it scales. 

  3. Early Reflections On Silicon Valley – Sar Haribhakti
    Sar chronicles his thoughts on the move to SV. Insightful commentary as always. 

  4. The Secret Power of ‘Read It Later’ Apps – Tiago Forte
    Tiago on why you should use Pocket or Instapaper for your reading habit.  
  5. Naval Ravikant’s Guide To Choosing Your First Job In Tech 
    Identifying potential peers, performing well and letting compounding work for you. 

  6. Open Letter From New York State Budget Director Robert Mujica Regarding Amazon
    A hard hitting memo on the Amazon debacle that highlights how vested interests and politicization of issues can lead to disastrous outcomes for a community. 

  7. The Secret to Amazon’s Success – Internal APIs
    Decentralizing the information flow between teams made it easier for Amazon to scale fast. 
  8. Amazon’s “two-pizza teams”: The ultimate divisional organization – Jason Crawford
    How Amazon thinks of teams and why it helps them stay nimble. 

    Two-pizza teams are so named because they’re small: 6 to 10 people; you can feed them with two pizzas. The most important aspect of a 2PT isn’t its size, though, but its fitness function. A fitness function is a single key business metric that the senior executive team (the “S-team”) agrees on with the team lead. It’s the equivalent of the P&L for a division: a single metric to provide focus and accountability. 

  9. Keith Rabois – This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis – Part 1 
    Keith Rabois on success, failure, and building a team. 

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