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Highlights from my Reading List – Week 37


  1. Amazon and the “profitless business model” fallacy – Eugene Wei
    Eugene explains Amazon’s laser focus on free cash flow and how that translates into strategy. 

  2. Selfies as a second language – Eugene Wei
    Exploring generational divides on camera-first platforms. Native users are more comfortable with juggling multiple identities compared to oldies. 

  3. Clearbanc plans to disrupt venture capital with ‘The 20-Min Term Sheet’ – TechCrunch
    Funded by an all-star team of investors, Clearbanc is an iteration on the Capital-as-a-service model pioneered by Social Capital. Incidentally, Chamath, the founder of Social Capital is one of the investors in Clearbanc. 

  4. Depression Is an Inflammatory Disease – P D Mangan
    A brief summary of the research that indicates depression being an inflammatory disease that can be helped by improving diet, dental hygiene, sleep and exercise. 

  5. Write on your own website – Brad Frost
    Brad explains the value of writing on your website.

  6. Complexity Rules – Jaffer Ali
    A great post on how complexity rules everything around us. 

  7. Five Things I learned Launching and Scaling Uber across 4 Countries in Southeast Asia – Alan Jiang
    Lessons from scaling Uber in Asia. 
  8. fbFund: The investment fund you’ve never heard of that helped start Lyft – Julia Lam
    Started by Chamath, fbFund was an attempt to fund ideas that could build on top of social platforms like Facebook. Julia writes about patience, early stage investing, backing people and the importance of diversity.
  9. Invisible asymptotes – Eugene Wei
    Finally got around to reading this. A masterclass in growth and identifying barriers to growth.
  10. Invest in Lines, Not Dots – Mark Suster
    How to build credibility, one interaction at a time. 



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