reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 45


  1. The Calculus of Grit – Venkatesh Rao
    On generalists vs specialists, what grit looks like from external vs internal frame of reference and the what do we mean by “work”. 

  2. Why people work: a quick field guide – Aaron Lewis
    An excerpt: I’ve been thinking a lot recently about why people work, what work is for, and what makes work worthwhile. There are probably as many answers to these questions as there are people in the workforce, but I wanted to try my hand at mapping out the main worker “tribes” of our time.

  3. How I Built My Network, Before I Knew Anyone – Ali Hamed
    This is a classic case study on how to solve a chicken-egg problem. 

  4. The Art of Gig – Venkatesh Rao
    A three part essay on indie consulting. This is A-grade humor + insightful writing.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
  5. How to fail – Lou Keep
    An essay on the Fearless Girl statue fiasco on Wall Street.

  6. Lessons to my younger self (and other young people today) – Sam Gerstenzang
    Some excellent advice here.

  7. The Dead-Curious Cat and the Joyless Immortal – Venkatesh Rao
    An exposition on curiosity and its consequences.



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