reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 44


  1. An Ending – George R.R. Martin
    RRM reminisces on 10 years of and the conclusion of Game of Thrones on HBO.

  2. Joining Intel – Riva Tez
    Riva on joining intel and why action > words.

  3. The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet – Yancey Strickler
    Are we retreating to private communities, away from public platforms?  Yancey thinks so: In response to the ads, the tracking, the trolling, the hype, and other predatory behaviors, we’re retreating to our dark forests of the internet, and away from the mainstream.

  4. The Uncomfortable Western Exceptionalism of René Girard – Will Martin
    An excellent essay on Girard’s biggest ideas and their implications for society
  5.  A Crude Look at the Whole: A Simple Guide to Complexity for National Security Professionals – The Strategy Bridge
    Complexity concepts applied to geopolitics and matters of national/international security

  6. The Uruk Machine – Lou Keep
    A summary of the Uruk series’ foundational concepts

  7. That’s Amore – Lou Keep
    Narcissism and understanding culture wars



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