reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 49


  1. The Next Silicon Valley Is … Los Angeles? – Tyler Cowen
    Is the the death of SV exaggerated? Where is the next SV has been a hot topic for years now with Peter Thiel leading the move to LA. Tyler Cowen looks at the case for why LA might be the new epicenter for SV.

  2. Delight Comes Last – Matthew Ström
    Matthew on product hierarchy and why delight comes last when designing products. Although this paradigm shift from minimum viable product and lowest common denominator experiences to consumer delight is changing fast.  

  3. Superhuman – a16z
    A case study on the previous link and why consumer delight and prosumerization are in vogue. David Ulevitch on why a16z is leading the Series B round for Superhuman. 

  4. Regenerations – Venkatesh Rao
    A four-part series on regenerations and change.
    On Going Feral
    On Being an Illegible Person
    At Home, in a Car
  5. Michael Lewis on Being Lazy – Inc Magazine
    Why laziness can be a good thing.

  6. Jony Ive Is Leaving Apple – John Gruber
    A great take on what Jony Ive’s move away from Apple means for the company’s future. 

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