reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 50


    Exciting new startup working on non-invasive neural interfaces. 

  2. How India’s largest premium streaming platform turns viewers into subscribers – What’s New in Publishing
    Hotstar is still the underrated video platform in India. 

  3. The Inevitable Same-ification of the Internet – Matthew Ström
    On why consumer startups eventually converge to the same design.

  4. Responsive Roadmaps – Matthew Ström
    Thinking in dynamics and using dynamic roadmaps because the map is not the territory. 

  5. Optimize for learning – Matthew Ström
    Saying I don’t know and optimizing for learning.

  6. How to take your team’s creative pulse – Matthew Ström
    This is a great post on how to align and resolve creative differences in a team setting.

  7. Inclusive design on the Tokyo subway – Matthew Ström
    What inclusive design looks like IRL. 
  8. How To Have More Inclusive Meetings – Matthew Ström
    Conducting inclusive meetings is a crucial skill to have. 
  9. Quinian Bootstrapping – Psychology Stackexchange
    The basic idea of Quinian Boostrapping is that you start off not understanding a concept, but use a symbolic placeholder for it, and then fill in the details over time. For example, right now you don’t understand Quinian Bootstrapping but you do have the placeholder term “Quinian Bootstrapping” that you can hold in your mind and relate to other things you know and learn. Over time, your placeholder is replaced with the actual concept.



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