reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 51


  1. Fire in the Dark Forest – Foci
    This is good commentary on the Dark Forest theory of the internet article that made the rounds recently.

  2. The present and future of work in America – McKinsey Global Institute
    A follow-up on the McKinsey report on Automation and AI and how it will affect the future of work.

  3. How I practice at what I do – Tyler Cowen
    Insight into how Tyler gets in the reps each day.

  4. Book Review of Impro by Keith Johnstone – Jessica
    This is an excellent book review of Impro, a book that’s been on my to-read pile for a long time.  

  5. Old Town Road: The Best Entertainment Case Study of 2019 – Anthony McGuire
    This is a great breakdown of the phenomenon that is Old Town Road. Lil Nas X has some serious social media chops on top of all his skill as a musician. 



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