reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 41


  1. A misunderstanding of complexity – John D. Cook
    A logical fallacy when understanding complexity is the following: Complex systems can arise from iterating simple rules, therefore many complex systems do arise from iterating simple rules.

    What fractals, cellular automata, and such systems show is that it is possible to start with simple rules and create a complex system. It says nothing about how often this happens. It does not follow that a particular complex system does in fact arise from iterating simple rules.

  2. The Next 26 Miles – Kelly Sims
    Kelly reflects on a solid run at Stripe. 

  3. Slack’s head of workplace design thinks open floor plans “suuuck” – Fast Company
    Kristy Tillman of Slack on workplace design, 

  4. How the Science of Emergence Helps us Design More Innovative Teams and Companies – Safi Bahcall
    What could flocks of birds or schools of fish or even neurons in the brain have in common with teams and companies?
    These systems share one key property: surprising macro behaviors arise from simple micro rules. In other words, collective behaviors we wish to understand or influence arise from certain simple interactions between the parts.

  5. The Meridian of Her Greatness – Lou Keep
    This is a complicated article that tackles the paradox of why people are unhappy even though capitalism has been a force of good over the past centuries.

    Read at your own peril.



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