reading list

Highlights from my Reading List – Week 42


  1. SSRIs, An Update – Slate Star Codex
    SSC on the efficacy of SSRIs (and their usage as anti-depressants) 

  2. Fascination Burnout – John Cook
    What does it feel like when everything looks fascinating? 

  3. 5-HTTLPR, A Pointed Review – Slate Star Codex
    SSC on the serotonin transporter gene 5-HTTLPR, bogus science and the flaws in antidepressant pharmacogenomic testing.

  4. One-on-ones are my most valuable meetings; here’s how I run them – Mathilde Colin
    Mathilde on how to run effective 1-o-1s. 
  5. Pecking Order and Flight Leadership – Sarah Constantin
    On the difference between dominance hierarchies and decision hierarchies.

  6. The Uruk Series – Lou Keep
    A monster of a series on capitalism, modernity and other things. 

  7. Man as a Rationalist Animal – Lou Keep
    Why seemingly irrational things are rational and why state interventions fail. This is an excellent review of the book Seeing Like a State.

    Part of the Uruk series.


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